Advancing the Interest

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted – but to be honest, once I became licensed I didn’t do much with it. I attended the odd technet (Reg from Hamilton ON, but now in Australia was one of my favourites), goofed around with the local repeater, etc.

With a younger family, I’ve been quite busy, and getting an hour or two to sit down and listen has been quite difficult. I haven’t even been out to the fancy new clubhouse – albeit, 1. it’s on the complete opposite end of the city and 2. it’s COVID…

To be honest part of the reason I became licensed was the geek factor – understanding the technology and whatnot that goes into radio transmission.

I am a member of the local club, LARC. They are running an advanced course so I eagerly signed up – electronics have always been an interest of mine. But like many of my interests, I don’t really get (rather make) the time to tinker. I figure that during COVID while nothing else is running (cough Ringette cough) I might as well take the opportunity.

Highly looking forward to this course, the instructor was a Fanshawe electronics teacher so it’ll be very informative.

PS. if Reg is still running it, the TechNet is Fridays at 8pm ET. The local repeater VE3 TTT carries it at 147.180+ (114.8Hz PL). I’m not sure where else it is carried. Other recommended nets here.

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